Life goes on! Life is good!

Ontos Farm

Nestled in a unique area of the foothills of the Snowy Mountains in East Gippsland, Victoria, Ontos Farm is an organic farm encompassing a variety of activities. We (Neroli and Fred) run Ontos Farm and combine our love of growing good healthy organic food with our love of yoga and a spiritual philosophy. The management of the farm is based on strong sustainable and self sufficiency principles.

We grow our own vegetables and fruit, together with a small scale award winning commercial garlic crop. We have four cows and a few sheep (which we look after on behalf of SIBA, the Tibetan Buddhist Centre next door) and free range chooks which produce wonderful eggs. We also have four beautiful friendly horses.

Ontos Farm is surrounded by natural mountain bushland, beautiful tall trees, a multitude of wildlife, a wide variety of birdlife and an endless starry sky. It is a calm and peaceful place, ideal for contemplative meditation and bushwalking.

During the Summer of 2019-20 the Region suffered severe Bush Fires and many areas have been affected, including the local township of Buchan.

But, life goes on and the locals are strong. Soon we’ll see the return of activity and tourism to this mountain paradise. It is also an ideal stepping stone to explore the Snowy River National Park, Alpine National Park and the Buchan Caves. The beach isn’t that far away either – just an hour’s drive to Lakes Entrance.